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What One would Expect on a Kampala City Tour – Adventure Uganda Safari News

A Safari to Uganda would not easily miss out Kampala being the capital of Uganda & there is a lot going on in the city. When any traveler comes on a Africa Safari tour to Uganda, they ought to spare sometime and go through this magnificent city. It is one of the most lively cities […]

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Adventurous Cycling Weekend in the Streets of Kampala – Adventure Safari News

Kampala is in the moods of exploring its potential in the cycling adventure. Hosting the first of its kind, adventure cycling is a novelic Uganda safari product that will see the city taken by storm tomorrow.

The morning of Sunday, the enthusiastic riders are dedicated to engage in three distinct categories which are fun filled presenting challenging encounters […]

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Adventure Safaris to Ngamba Island – Uganda Adventure Safari News

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is one of the closest Uganda Safari sites from Kampala or Entebbe offering a touch of wildlife, adventure, education and recreation.

Known for its counts of Orphaned Chimpanzees, Ngamba Island is part of the Lake Victoria Koome Islands and is seated at 23km to the South East of Entebbe along the geographical […]

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Uganda Rivers – River Katonga – Adventure Uganda News

The Katonga River is positioned in the south west of Uganda forming one of the most perfect Adventure Vacation Safaris in Uganda attractions that world traveler may wish to encounter. The River is noted initially to have been flowing west wards to Lake George before the uplifting on the western side of Uganda altered its direction.

The regional […]

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