Positioned in the north west of Uganda close to Murchison Falls National Park, Budongo forest is a great natural cover with the biggest mahogany concentration in the whole of East Africa and is the largest remaining mature tropical forest in East Africa. Besides that, Budongo forest has over 360 species of birds, 290 species of butterflies, 130 species of moth, 465 species of trees and 24 species of mammals of which 9 of these are primates. Chimpanzees are close to human species that thrive mostly in the forested areas of tropical Africa of which Budongo forest is by no means an exception. The 1 days chimpanzee trekking in Budongo allows you to have an encounter with these apes in this lush forested landscape though it involves transferring very early and returning a bit late to Kampala.


Transfer very early at 6am after breakfast from your place of stay in Kampala heading to the north west of Uganda. You will drive through the flat landscapes of Nakasongora before crossing River Kafu and approaching Masindi. The four hour journey will see you arrive in Budongo at around 11am for simple relaxation and lunch after which you will embark on the Chimp trekking experience at 2pm. The 2 – 4 hour trek through this mature tropical forest does not only expose you to Chimpanzees but to a range of tree species with unique physical build and fruiting patterns. The sights of birds cannot be avoided while the jungle sounds will entertain you throughout the experience. The sights of Chimpanzees as they roll and swing through tree branches, gather fruit, socialize and make pant hooting calls will leave you in a state of amazement after this memorable one hour direct encounter. Return from the activity and embark on the transfer to Kampala arriving at night.

End of safari: