The 11 Days Uganda Rwanda Adventure Vacation Safari involves heritage encounters in Kampala and Kigali cities, Chimpanzee trekking experience in Kibale National Park, wildlife encounters in Queen Elizabeth National Park with sights of tree climbing lions, elephants, buffaloes, Antelopes among others with recreational launch cruise on the 45m long Kazinga Channel amidst sights of Nile crocodiles and Hippos, gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi and Volcanoes National Parks in Uganda and Rwanda respectively. The adventurous Mount Bisoke climb (3,711m) is incorporated to allow you stretch your body beyond ordinary passive movements.

Safari Highlight:

Day 1: Do Kampala City tour

Day 2: Transfer to Kibale National Park & do crater lake hike.

Day 3: Do chimpanzee trekking & Bigodi wetland encounter

Day 4: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park & do crater area drive

Day 5: Do game drive & launch cruise

Day 6: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Day 7: Do gorilla trekking

Day 8: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Day 9: Do gorilla trekking

Day 10: Hike Bisoke Volcano

Day 11: Transfer to Kigali & visit the Gisozi genocide memorial.


You will be picked up by the company guide from your place of stay after breakfast to embark on the tour of Kampala city. You will enjoy the religious, cultural and historical attractions of Kampala city. The religious sites include; Namirembe and Rubaga cathedrals, Baha’i Temple, Namugongo Martyrs shrine, Gadhafi National Mosque and Hindu Mosque. The cultural attractions include; the Kabaka’s Lake, Kasubi royal tombs and Kabaka’s palace. You can also pay a visit to the historical monuments and Museums like the Uganda National Museum, Fort Lugard Museum and the Zoology Museum at Makerere University. The National buildings like the parliament and the Bank of Uganda are of interest to while educational institutions like Ivory tower – Makerere University. Retire for overnight.

Accommodation: Sheraton Hotel (Upmarket/Luxury), Cassia Lodge (Midrange/standard) or Buziga Country Resort (Budget/Basic)


Wake for an early breakfast after which you will transfer to Kibale National Park 358km about 7 hours’ drive. You will traverse the lush country side dotted with varying geographical landscapes including inselbergs, deep valleys, and steep sided hills among others with settlements of the local people. You will have lunch en route and upon reaching Fort Portal, you will continue to visit the Amabere caves and do Crater Lake hike. The Kyeganywa hill gives an impressive all round view of the crater lakes and hollows in the area and the sights of Mount Rwenzori at a distance. Retire for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation: Primate Lodge (Upmarket/luxury), Chimpanzee guesthouse (Midrange/standard) or Chimps nest (Budget/Basic).


You gather at Kanyanchu tourism center to start up with short briefing about the Chimpanzee trekking conduct at 08:00am after which you will head to the forest of Kibale full of birds, 13 species of primate, amazing flora and fauna including forest elephants. The search is for the common chimpanzees – one of man’s closest relatives. Upon encountering them, you will marvel at their physical make up particularly the facial structure that is much correlated with that of man, their pant hooting calls, their playful tactics and the way they swing from branch to branch and from tree to tree that will lure you to use up your camera space unknowingly. The full one hour encounter will allow you maximize this experience. Return from this 2 – 5 hour activity and transfer to Bigodi wetland for eco-tour encounter. The community of Bigodi is gifted by a natural wetland with birds like Rwenzori Turaco, animals like Sitatunga and amazing flora which is greatly used in craft making which makes the Bigodi encounter rewarding. The visit to the local healer and a local school gives you the taste of the societal setting. Return to the lodge for dinner & overnight.

Accommodation: You have dinner and overnight at your previous lodge.


After breakfast, embark on the transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park 157km about 4 hours’ drive from Kibale. You will drive through the amazing scenic landscapes of Rwenzori Mountains rising above the snowline with Margarita peak standing at 5,109m above sea level. You will arrive in Queen Elizabeth early for lunch and short relaxation after which you will embark on the drive to the crater are to encounter the magical scenic offerings of the explosion craters that lie in form series surrounded by impressive terrain that is fancied by wildlife especially elephants. You can also use that evening to visit the salt lake (Katwe) to explore into the process of salt formation, extraction and processing. Retire for overnight.

Accommodation: Mweya Safari Lodge (Upmarket/luxury), Enganzi Lodge (Midrange/Standard) or Mama land Pumba Safari Camp (Budget/Basic).


Wake up early enough to depart for a game drive at 06:00am to catch up with early risers and night hunters getting back to their hiding places including Hyenas, owls, side stripped jackals among others. You will drive through the Kasenyi tracks to enjoy the sights of wild game including elephants, lions, buffaloes, antelopes among others though they are not guaranteed. You will return from this 3 – 4 hour activity for relaxation and lunch after which you will gather at Mweya to catch up with the launch cruise on Kazinga Channel at 03:00pm. The 2 hour boat cruise will expose to a range of aquatic animals including Hippos and Nile Crocodiles which is the second largest reptile in the whole world. Wild game drinking on the channel side including elephants, Antelopes and buffaloes and abundant bird life will make your launch trip on the 45m long Kazinga channel memorable. Retire for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: You will have dinner and overnight at your previous lodge.


After breakfast, embark on the transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. You will drive through Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth in search of tree climbing lions lying on short tree branches of Ishasha providing a perfect base to view these unique creatures other than any other wilderness. Continue on the drive to arrive in the south of Bwindi (Rushaga) 309km about 7hours in the evening for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: Chameleon Hill Lodge (Upmarket/luxury), Gorilla Valley Lodge (Midrange/standard) or Wagtail Eco-safari Camp (Budget/Basic).


Wake up for an early breakfast before assembling at the park headquarters Rushaga for briefing about the gorilla trekking activity at 08:00am. The forest of Bwindi dates back from the prehistoric era and is one of the few remaining Afro montane forests in East Africa. Due to its surviving of the last ice age, it has a great bio-diversity concentration including the endangered mountain gorillas. Other great flora will give you company as you traverse the dense thicket famously known as impenetrable forest while wildlife crossings and bird songs will never leave you abandoned in this ancient forest. The trek is a bit strenuous due to rugged terrain that characterizes the area. One hour is availed to you upon encountering of these close to human apes that will leave you with real belief of human evolution theory. Return to the lodge for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: You will have dinner and overnight at your previous lodge.


After breakfast, embark on the transfer to Volcanoes National Park 93km from Rushaga. You will drive through the scenic landscapes of the lava dammed Lake Mutanda and the Virunga ranges before arriving in Ruhengeri early for lunch. In the afternoon, you will embark on the visit to the iby’wachu cultural village to explore into the traditions of Rwanda or you can opt for the Musaze caves walk to encounter this cathedral like ancient caves that are famously known for offering a refugee to the Rwandan royals during times of war in the pre-colonial Rwanda. Retire for overnight.

Accommodation: Mount Gorilla View Lodge (Upmarket/luxury), La Palme Hotel (Midrange/Standard) or Muhabura Hotel (Budget/Basic).

Day 9: Do gorilla trekking

Gather at the park Headquarters Kinigi after breakfast at 08:00am for briefing by the park rangers about the conduct of gorilla trekking activity. You will set off following the set trails to the lush volcanic forest full of birds, abundant flora, fauna including golden monkeys, elusive elephants and buffaloes and scenic sights of the volcanic peaks seen through the forest gaps. The trek involves great hiking through the varying terrain which makes it an attraction in its self. The moment of coming across the critically endangered mountain gorillas is a hilarious encounter that will take your strenuous hiking fatigue to rest and concentrate on optical nutrition and satisfying the inner desires. The memories of this experience will be kept in spirit and in the range of photos that your camera is able to contain. The guides are knowledgeable to exhaust your longstanding queries about the gorillas. You have one full hour to maximize your encounter. You will have picnic lunch and then return to the starting point to mark the end of this gorilla trekking encounter after which you go to the lode for relaxation and overnight.

Trekking duration: 2 – 8 hours

Accommodation: You will have dinner and overnight at your previous lodge.


After breakfast, embark on the hike to the Bisoke Volcano which adjoins other volcanoes to form the greater Virunga massif. Standing at 3, 711m above sea level, Mount Bisoke is an active adventure that is positioned to allow even first time hikers to enjoy this adventurous activity. It takes about 7 hours to ascend and descend Mount Bisoke. The hike involves traversing through the jungle of volcanoes with lush flora while the relative steep slopes pose a simple challenge during the ascent. On top of Mount Bisoke, there lies a crater lake that offers a greater scenic view once at the summit. The summit also offers the sights of other volcanic ranges and Democratic Republic of Congo. Return from the activity for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: You will have dinner and overnight at your lodge.


After breakfast, embark on the return journey to Kigali city 116km about 3 hours’ drive through the farmed hillsides of Rwanda. Upon arrival in Kigali, you will visit the Gisozi genocide memorial to pay tribute to thousands of Rwandese that lost their dear lives during the 1994 bloody genocide where 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus lost their lives. You can pass by the craft centers in Kigali to do some souvenir shopping before marking the end of your safari.

End of safari.